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Facilities, equipment and drawings
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Can be used depending on the purpose and concept of the organizers, electric lift stage (0-80cm).
Standing, table seating, buffet style, you can feel free to use it in a variety of layout.
Sound corresponding to the LIVE performance of first-class artists, lighting, in addition to the video system, the rich musical instrument rental equipment procurement in local
Is the top level of LIVE THEATER, which made it possible.
Welcomes you entrance lobby, even the back yard, such as a staff room, we have established a facility in which to enrich the comfort.


【 Hall rental fee 】
・Hall rental 30,000 yen to 250,000 yen
※ sound, lighting equipment, engineers, use of the dressing room, etc., performances, by the box office content, so will change the rental fee, please contact us.

【 Piano - Steinway use fee 】
Stanway D-274 full concert piano
Serial number 456672 1978 years West German steel

Piano use fee 13,000円
Rehearsal, production witness fee 5,000円
Tuning fee 16,000円
※non-taxed price

【 Projector Rates 】
Panasonic PT-D600K 25,000円

【 For application acceptance period 】
・Month a year ago of use day are accepted than one day. Please contact us by phone for more information (0134-33-5610)

【 About How to Apply 】
- First of all, received a contact us by phone, please apply.
- Depending on special events content there is a case to be refused. Purposes, please explicit such as the contents.
- Up to one month to two weeks before the day, please complete your details meeting.

【 About Rates 】
- After content, etc. of your consideration, you will be sent an invoice for us than the use consent form and your reservation deposit (half of venue use fee). Please payment within one week from the arrival.
In the case of cancellation, it is your reservation deposit can not be returned.
- Pre-settlement will be the principle. Please receive the approximate amount of money by the end quote to up to one week before the day.
(I will consider it as a cash settlement of the excess and deficiency by the day of the final specification)

【EVENT SPACEの仮押えについて】

【 For the temporary holding of EVENT SPACE 】
For cancellation within 90 days from the day, the full amount of the venue use fee
For 91 days earlier of the cancellation from the day, half of venue use fee
※ will also be subject to the consumption tax for the cancellation fee.

[ Reservation inquiry ]
TEL: 0134-33-5610 FAX: 0134-61-1180
Yubinbango047-0031 Otaru, Hokkaido Ironai 3-3-21 Shibusawasoko

Reservations accepted time
Weekdays 10:00 to 19:00

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