Otaru GOLDSTONE | Speaking of dating adult atmosphere, hideaway, off the beaten path spot! The popular Otaru GOLDSTONE also as fashionable venue

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name Otaru GOLDSTONE

location 〒047-0031 Otaru, Hokkaido Ironai 3-3-21 old Shibusawasoko
TEL: 0134-33-5610
HP: http: //www.goldstone.co.jp
Parking: There are 25 units conditioning / large bus parking lot

contact Ltd. Sound Crew Otaru
Otaru, Hokkaido Ironai 2-6-8
TEL: 0134-33-5610 FAX: 0134-61-1180
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[ How to get to GOLD STONE from Otaru Station ]

Taxi: 1 meter 530 yen (small basic fare fee)

Walk: about 20 minutes from JR Otaru Station
Down the road toward the straight port from Otaru Station roundabout, turn left at the intersection in the left hand a thriller karaoke, is facing stone of the old Shibusawa warehouse of 600 meters (more than two signal), the more advanced the previous Yakinikuya "GAJA" It will be "GOLD STONE".
The entrance is located on the side of the road facing the canal.

Bus: Otaru Station Terminal 3 Bus Stop Shukutsu line "Otaru Aquarium bound" 10, 11 ride to the system
Central bus "Ironai downstream" get off (about 5 minutes ride time) (get off walk about 7 minutes)
Departure time, hourly 00,20,40 minutes

Get off at "Ironai downstream", white building back up to the crossroads where the bus has left turn just before, "Tanaka brewing" the color in a 3-chome signal visible, turn left. If the advance about 100 meters to the right of the "Tanaka brewing" front, stone warehouse will be on your right.
(Grilled meat "GAJA" opposite).

"Otaru GOLD STONE" front entrance is located on the road along the river luck.

[How to return to Otaru Station from GOLDSTONE]

Yakinikuya the "GAJA" turn left when viewed in the front, you come to the crossroads, cross the signal with views of the building of the "Day service hope of Mori", straight ahead, turn right when you see a white building, and proceed about 50m, "color There is Uchikawa down "bus stop.

Bus: the way back, Sakuramachi bound, Shinko 2-chome go, Station bound Otaru, either "Otaru Bahnhofstrasse" (Otaru Station-bound "Otaru Station"), you can get off at. [ Bus time Download Table


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