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  North of Wall Street "Otaru".
Emotion overflowing port city has kept the vestiges of the former glory is, glass crafts and music box, is known its name as the city of gourmet, now visited by tourists also 7 million people a year.
One of the Otaru Canal symbol as its base the aim of Otaru that the world of the artist loved to take root "old Shibusawasoko (1895 built)" is reborn as entertainment hall "Otaru GOLDSTONE".
Starting from the landscape and waterfront of Otaru and to the north of the vast earth lit the light of music and the arts, we will strive to provide a space that is long cherished from everyone.
本間聖丈/漁網のある風景 本間聖丈/漁網のある風景 The painting of Honma HijiriTakesaku "a fishing net landscape" No. 50 and No. 100 we will be exhibited in the café and entrance in Otaru GOLDSTONE. When you stop by all means, please enjoy the world of Honma HijiriTake.
Hall space, standing 450-500 people, chair seat 210 seats, you can use a table to 108 seats.
Regard to details of the hall rental【 Hall rental page is here. 】Please refer to.

  According to the organizers of the applications available in a variety of ways.

Contact layout and rental hall is thank you to the following.

Telephone, reservation in the Internet Web

In Otaru GOLDSTONE, reservations by phone, you can can be further some reservation on the Internet.
Also general of Ticket Service (Ticket Pia, Lawson ticket) but offers some advance.
For more information regarding ticket purchase [Book application is here;

■Internet retailing
Lawson Ticket
※ After confirming the L code of handling events, it can be purchased in the country of Lawson all stores. (However Release Date from 10:00 AM)
※ phone numbers that start with 0570, a part of the mobile phone, and CATV connection phone, not available from the dial line.
Ticket Pia[PC・MOBILE]
※ required Pia membership registration (free)
※ 24 hours available for purchase (However, every Tuesday and Wednesday AM2: 30 ~ AM5: 30 is accepted pause for maintenance)

■ Telephone Reservations
Lawson Ticket TEL: 0570-08-4005
※ 24-hour reservation
Ticket Pia TEL: 0570-02-9999
※ 24-hour reservation (However, every Tuesday and Wednesday AM2: 30 ~ AM5: 30 is accepted pause for maintenance)

■Over-the-counter sale
【Pia store】(Please confirm from here for more information)
[sunkus] [Circle K] (7: 00 ~ 23: 30 ※ However, released the first day 10: 00 ~)
※ [7Eleven] is the take-up only (24 hours ※ However, the 23:30 reservation expiration date the last day)

TEL: 0134-33-5610 FAX: 0134-61-1180
Yubinbango047-0031 Otaru, Hokkaido Ironai 3-3-21 Shibusawasoko
E-mail: goldstone@soundcrew.co.jp

GOLDSTONE CAFÉ Private Parking: 25 units / large bus parking lot

Reservations accepted time
[Regular holiday] None

FLOOR 1F 【Download of the plan is here.

FLOOR 2F 【Download of the plan is here.

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